Tag Archive for ‘technology’: Blog: Refresh Events

Tag Archive for ‘technology’: Blog: Refresh Events

We sat down with Ben Vinegar, suave businessman and product developer for Guestlist, to talk about their new event management application.

Refresh Events: Hi Ben, thanks for sitting down with us. Tell us a bit more about Guestlist.

Ben Vinegar: Thanks for having us. Basically, Guestlist is a new event registration service that focuses on usability and design, and not a phonebook-sized feature list. It lets you publish beautiful looking event pages, sell tickets online, and manage your attendees with ease.

RE: Why did you decide to create this?

BV: Back in 2008 we were a bunch of web developers itching to solve a problem, and event registration just kind of intrigued us. We aren’t event organizers ourselves, but as technically-minded folk in Toronto, we sure do attend a lot of them, and it became clear that existing products for managing events could stand to be simplified.


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