Tag Archive for ‘meshu’: Blog: Refresh Events

Tag Archive for ‘meshu’: Blog: Refresh Events

What’s it all about? If you are a designer, developer, project manager, then meshU is for U. If you are an innovator, live and breathe the web, and you love to stay 10 steps ahead of the curve, again – meshU is for U. Simply put, if you work in interactive, and you want to stay current, then allow us to recommend meshU.

At $289 for general admission, and a whopping $25 for students (that’s in Canadian dollars), this one-day web smorgasbord is priced right for the economy, and chock-full of some of the most talented minds in the game.

On the bill as of right now:


  • Ryan Singer, 37signals – Value Judgements in Interface Design
  • Bruce Philp, GWP Brand Engineering – Ten Keys to a Branded User Experience


  • Chris Wanstrath, GitHub – Building a Business with Open Source
  • Ilya Grigorik, AideRSS – Event-Driven Architectures
  • Pete Forde, Unspace – Is that an iPhone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  • Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Engine Yard – Building Scalable/Decoupled Web Architecture


  • Dominic Bortolussi, The Working Group – Experiments on selling agile development projects. Are Estimates the new ‘Spec’?

Looks like mesh is shaping up to be a great conference. We’ll post more details as they come out. For the latest updates, grab their RSS feed, and check out the mesh blog. Oh and here’s the link to buy your tickets.

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