Tag Archive for ‘futureruby’: Blog: Refresh Events

Tag Archive for ‘futureruby’: Blog: Refresh Events

We are the artists, philosophers, and troublemakers. We realize that the fringe of today is the mainstream of tomorrow. We grease the engines of progress, even when we’re working outside of the machine.

FutureRuby isn’t a Ruby conference, but a conference for Rubyists. This is a call to order – a congress of the curious characters that drew us to this community in the first place. We have a singular opportunity to express a long-term vision, a future where Ruby drives creativity and prosperity without being dampened by partisan politics.

From the FutureRuby website:

Is this RubyFringe Part II?

No. We were really happy with how RubyFringe turned out, because it could have been the worst disaster possible! However, we felt like it would be utterly hipocritical to just throw a sequel event; we’re not here to cash in. Yes, some things are similar, and there will be familiar faces. The tone, agenda, and programming will be quite different. We’re not so hung up on making sure that every speaker is a programmer, for example.

We think FutureRuby will be a lot better than RubyFringe was. Just sayin’.

If you didn’t get to go last year, we encourage you to pick your ticket NOW before they sell out (early bird tickets to FutureRuby sold out in only 5 hours) at http://futureruby.eventbrite.com/.

FutureRuby is going down July 10th-12th 2009 at the Metropolitan Hotel. Stay tuned to their Facebook group and Twitter for the latest as it comes through.

Want to help FutureRuby spread their propaganda? Grab their poster, and tell your comrades to do their civic duty!

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